Комплексное лечение тугоподвижности коленного сустава с применением аппарата волкова-оганесяна

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This work is devoted one of the most actual problem of modem traumatology and orthopedics, that is treatment of rigid knee joint Investigation was performed on 89 patients with rigid knee joint receiving treatment in me Samarkand province orthopedic-surgical hospital and Scientific Research Institute of traumatology and Orthopedics of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 1999-2000. Out of 89 patients with rigid knee joint 27 ones underwent open mobilization of this joint. The closed application of Volkov-Oganesyan apparatus was used in 19 patients, arthroplasty of knee Joint with use of VolkovOganesyan apparatus were performed in 29 patients, and arthroplasty of knee joint with use of xenocartilagenous grafts with application of Volkov-Oganesyan apparatus by our technique were used in 20 patients. The arthroplasty offered by the author provides form and function restoration of the operated joint-with intraarticular improvement and it is particularly depends on the rational management of die patients. The objective assessment of the results of treatment of patients additionally to the roentgenologic and statistical analysis the electrophysiologic and biomechanical methods of investigation were used. The use of his own method of treatment allowed fo author to achieve positive results in more than 90% of patients.


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Тиляков А.Б. Комплексное лечение тугоподвижности коленного сустава с применением аппарата волкова-оганесяна. [Автореф. дис. канд. мед. наук]. Ташкент: Научно-исследовательский институт травматологии и ортопедии МЗ РУз; 2002. 15 с.